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Tales And Legends
ELFOS de Pep Catalá

Ref. ELFO40044
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FLIRTING, FOR COUPLES WHO HAVE PROBLEMS. “Spend all you have on this spell. Buy it and do not think twice about its price. For just a breath of ecstasy, give up both what you have been and what you may ever become.”. The goblins feel very pleased when you offer them a rose with a knot on its stem and if you have ever tried it yourself, you may understand why. Some goblins prefer to choose the most difficult way and they ask the rose to make a knot on its own stem. To do this, they convince the poor flower that the sun moves around very complicated circles; this little trick, however, is widely accepted and the goblins have means to know if their lovers have done it. A lover is rejected when the goblin cuts the knot off and returns the flower. “Sometimes, a detail is worth a million and a look says more than a thousand words”.

Measures: 38 cm
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