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ELFOS de Pep Catalá

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Medicine Men The Kiowas were a tribe that belonged to the linguistic family of the Tanoan and were very close to other Northern tribes such as those of Saint Ildefonse and Ste. Claire with whom they had important trade relations. According to an ancient tradition, the Kiowas used to live in the area that is around the Missouri springs, although they moved later on to the Black Hills area from where they were expelled by the Lacotas in the 18th. century. Eventually, they settled along the banks of the Arkansas River, and made a peace treaty with the Comanches. In 1790, they were only 2.000 people. However, their number had doubled in 1970. In 1868, the Kiowas were given a reservation in the Southeast of Oklahoma. Right now they live there, together with Comanches and Kiowa-Apaches, which is a very small tribe linked to the Kiowas from very old times.

Measures: 40 cm
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