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ELFOS de Pep Catalá

Ref. ELFO40053N
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Pataki de Yemaya ti gbe ibu omi. Yemaya, mother of life, is the mistress of the salt waters where she lives amidst shell-fish and fishes. She adorns herself with shells and mother-of-pearl, her colours are light blue and white. She is a woman of outstanding beauty and usually dresses transparent clothes, swaying her petticoats around her like sea waves. As many other Orishas, she syncretizes and takes different names according to the countries, for example: In Cuba, she syncretizes in the Virgen de la Regla, patroness of the Port of Havana and she is also called Mama Umbo, Nboma, Mama Kalunga, etc.. In Santo Domingo, she is Metre Sili, and is always adorned with perfumed and luxurious suits: In Brazil, Lemanja is the queen of the wavy sees and she syncretizes in the Immaculate Conception. Her daughters dress in blue and pink and they are very proud of their mother. Her festivity is the 8th. of December, her week day is Monday and her candle colour is white, her dress is white and blue, her attributes are: the Fan, seven silver bracelets, oars, keys, half-moon, anchors, and all kinds of fruit.Both men and women are spellbound by Lemanja´s outstanding beauty. It is said around that whoever sees her once will never forget her. In Umbanda, Lemanja is a pretty girl, dressed in transparent clothes. Her greeting is odo-las and she is considered to be the mother of all the oryxas and of all that exists on earth. Here, her festivity is the second of February, and that is when people rejoice in her honour. Her son was Chango. He once tried to seduce his mother and this greatly offended her. Outraged, she brought him to the sea and raised a storm. Then, she said: “I am your mother and you must respect me”. Chango asked for her forgiveness and both mother and son became friends again. Omi-O-Yemayá yAlodde. We recommend you to keep all her attributes around her, in accordance with the local custom.

Measures: 40 cm
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